Looking to Volunteer?

One of CLCC’s volunteer opportunities may be a match for you! Simply contact us at the bottom of the page and mention your desire to volunteer, what opportunity you are interested in and tell us a little about yourself. Committees meet as needed, ranging from once a quarter to twice a month, and generally do most of the work of the organization. This is where all the activity and excitement resides!

Greenhouse Volunteers
We are always looking for people to help us in our greenhouse. The greenhouse is open weekday mornings and time commitments can be flexible. Duties include seeding, harvesting, watering, and soil recycling.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers, who commit to a three year term. Board members are generally elected from within committee membership after displaying leadership and dedication to CLCC’s vision and mission.

Members of the three committees come from the Board of Directors and from volunteers like you. Each committee (Advancement, Finance, Program) has a particular focus with its own goals and strategies. The members of each committee schedule a regular meeting time – often once per month – and elect a leader to report back in the monthly Board meeting.

Advancement Committee

Interfacing between CLCC and the public, the Advancement Committee strives to tell the CLCC story while raising funds. This dual purpose is complimentary, as an informed and convinced public is also a generous and supportive public. Currently, the focus is on fundraising events and writing a fundraising plan.

Finance Committee

Ensuring a healthy financial standing is a critical task of the Finance Committee. Accurate and transparent accounting provides confidence in CLCC as a sound community investment. Budgets, financial reports, policy development and tax reporting all form the basis of its work.

Program Committee

Representing the heart of our organization, the Program Committee is planning and shaping the future Farmstead Village. Emphasis is on the creation of housing, job and lifestyle options for Village residents. One current focus is on coordinating program and educational activities, primarily at the CLCC greenhouse, which breathe life into our vision.