CLCC is guided by an all volunteer Board of Directors and a Parent Advisory Board. The Board of Directors come from all walks of life and serve up to two terms of three years each. Parents and relatives of potential community members with a developmental disability serve on the Parent Advisory Board to ensure their unique views and concerns are represented in decision making. Board members and volunteers join together in standing committees to put goals into action. Most work is accomplished in committees. As needed, consultants are accessed to assist in project development.


  • Executive Director – Alex Koenigsberg
  • Program Coordinator – Sallie D’Attilio
  • Greenhouse Coordinator – Alexis Vatteroni

Board of Directors

  • Chair – Tammy Kearney
  • Vice-Chair – Lynn Wytas
  • Secretary – Stephen Gustafson
  • Director – Eric Carlson
  • Director – Erik Crespo
  • Director – John Feeney
  • Director – Beth Fiddler
  • Director – Angela Frame
  • Director – Maryann Fusco
  • Director – Lynn Grabowski
  • Director – Gail Griffith
  • Director – Randy Hall
  • Director – Staci McKelvey

Parent Advisory Board

  • Lynn Wytas
  • Cindy Hall
  • Lynn Grabowski
  • Kim Nowell
  • Staci McKelvey


  • Governance: keep work focused, productive and effective
  • Program: define and structure workshops and programming for both the property and greenhouse
  • Finance: maintain financial best practices
  • Advancement: focus on obtaining financial support and telling the CLCC story
  • Land Acquisition Committee: complete due diligence items toward purchasing property