What are Micro greens?

Micro greens are often thought of as sprouts or shoots, but in fact are an entirely individual crop of their own.

Micro greens are filament-thin, immature plants, grown for the smallest possible incarnation of salad greens, herbs, edible flowers, and leafy vegetables. Almost any seed can be grown as a micro green, but there are some tried and true varieties that are more sought out for their unique color, shape and flavor at the micro size.

Arugula, beet, chard, Asian greens and specialty greens are commonly used. Micro greens are grown in a medium and then clipped for a one time harvest at the soil surface as soon as their first true leaves appear.

In contrast, sprouts are not grown in a medium and their roots are eaten. Shoots are similar to micro greens, being grown in medium and clipped along the stem, but tend to be large seeded crops that usually have specific instructions for growing and harvesting.

Check out the micro green brochure!

Cards By Curtis

Curtis was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. It was a time when few people talked about the disability of autism. While in preschool, it was uncertain if Curt would hold a pencil, let alone become an artist one day. Today Curt enjoys working in an art studio during the week creating many projects. Proceeds of Curt’s Cards benefit the Creative Living Community of Connecticut. Please click on the link below to see Curt’s artwork and purchase cards!