Austin and mom


Twenty years ago I was blessed with a son; his name is Austin.  He has a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.  This syndrome is so rare, I was told he was my lottery ticket.  At the time I didn’t feel so lucky.  I felt as if all the hopes and dreams I had for my son had died.  I was now entering a whole new scary world, a world as a parent of a child with disabilities.

As a parent, all you want for your child is for him to grow up happy, independent, and be a productive part of society.  This can be difficult for people with developmental disabilities.  They don’t often fit into the world we all live in, and Austin is no exception.  He is like a square peg fitting into a circular world.  Watching your child with disabilities grow into an adult with disabilities with an uncertain future ahead is frightening.  It can be very difficult to find places, activities and people that understand Austin’s needs.

With state budgets dictating the amount of need and care for all people with disabilities, there has to be other alternative options.  CLCC’s farmstead village can provide that perfect fit for Austin and others with developmental disabilities.  Its approach would allow these individuals to live, work and have leisure activities in a community setting.  This is an opportunity to provide a bright future and a home for many who need it.

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