Curtis Hall is fortunate to spend the better part of his working week with professional artist, David Lussier. When Curtis transitioned out of high school to adult services, it was our intention to have Curtis fill his days by being productive doing what he loves to do— create artwork!

David has been working with Curtis for seven years now. David writes—

I make my living as a professional artist; selling paintings in galleries, conducting outdoor workshops, holding classes in my studio and by attending plein air events around the country. Curt comes to work at the studio 3 days a week. He observes what is going on in a busy studio and absorbs the information like a sponge. On some occasions, Curtis will watch me paint a demonstration for students in a class. He enjoys it when other students are in the studio painting. He likes being a part of a working studio environment. He enjoys taking a break from his work to walk around and see what each student is working on. They in turn, like to walk over to see what Curt is working on. One example of Curt utilizing information given in a class is a day that I used a very specific color palette for my demonstration and later, looking at Curt’s work for the day, I saw that he was utilizing the exact same color palette in colored pencil that I was using for oil paints. Curtis processes what he learns in his own unique way that is personal yet universal. He sees the world in an abstract way and works with patterns and colors that vibrate on the paper. Curtis often likes to explore a subject by working in a series.

After three days at the art studio, Curtis also looks forward to work at the Creative Living Community of CT greenhouse! His favorite job is to fill as many trays as possible with soil in order to properly prepare them for seeding. Curtis is also learning how to seed and water the tender micro greens. There are other jobs, too, which include cleaning trays, vacuuming, greeting visitors and delivering the product. Through his participation, Curtis is able to be a productive member of the community. Curtis will be 30 in September and lives at home with his mom and dad, Randy and Cindy in Coventry. Curtis’ older sister, Crystal, lives in Baltimore, MD. Trips to the local farmer’s market to get Kettle Korn or riding in his dad’s 47 Ford farm truck are some of his favorite activities.

About David:
David is a compassionate and encouraging plein air workshop instructor. He is one of the top plein air painters working in the United States today and his passion for painting and teaching runs deep. David has a unique ability to reach each student where they are at with their knowledge of painting and to help them understand their painting strengths and weaknesses. David is committed to helping each student reach that goal. With his laid-back and friendly personality matched with an intense passion for painting, a workshop with David is a rewarding experience.

Austin and mom


Twenty years ago I was blessed with a son; his name is Austin.  He has a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.  This syndrome is so rare, I was told he was my lottery ticket.  At the time I didn’t feel so lucky.  I felt as if all the hopes and dreams I had for my son had died.  I was now entering a whole new scary world, a world as a parent of a child with disabilities.

As a parent, all you want for your child is for him to grow up happy, independent, and be a productive part of society.  This can be difficult for people with developmental disabilities.  They don’t often fit into the world we all live in, and Austin is no exception.  He is like a square peg fitting into a circular world.  Watching your child with disabilities grow into an adult with disabilities with an uncertain future ahead is frightening.  It can be very difficult to find places, activities and people that understand Austin’s needs.

With state budgets dictating the amount of need and care for all people with disabilities, there has to be other alternative options.  CLCC’s farmstead village can provide that perfect fit for Austin and others with developmental disabilities.  Its approach would allow these individuals to live, work and have leisure activities in a community setting.  This is an opportunity to provide a bright future and a home for many who need it.