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Tolland County Agricultural Center  (TAC)

In 1956 the Tolland County Agricultural Center was incorporated by county leaders in 4-H, homemaking and agricultural programs. It was envisioned that the center would provide space for the 6,000 individuals who were actively involved in programs such as 4-H, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, etc. The center was established as a non-profit, self-supporting organization which would be owned by the individuals who contributed $25 or more towards the development of the center.

The Vision Statement of the Tolland County Agricultural Center is to:
 “Provide an environment for agricultural education, ecological landscape education, family studies and leadership education is available people of all ages in Tolland County, Connecticut and the Northeast.”

Many thanks to the Board of Trustees of the Tolland County Agricultural Center for agreeing to host the  CLCC greenhouse program on the TAC property.  CLCC’s partnership with TAC began in 2012.

Housing Enterprises, Inc.

Housing Enterprises, Inc. is a small Connecticut consulting business providing creative solutions to housing development and preserving historic structures.

Housing Enterprises, Inc. has been actively involved in creating and sustaining affordable housing in Connecticut communities since 1994. Housing Enterprises, Inc. as a Housing and Development Consultant works with non-profit and for-profit housing developers to:

  • Establish project design details
  • Identify and evaluate appropriate land
  • Obtain necessary funding
  • Move through all needed local approval processes
  • Help ascertain project design details
  • Coordinate with the development team through construction

CLCC has been a partner with Housing Enterprises, Inc. since 2015.


Schadler Selnau associates, p.c.

An architectural firm takes many shapes, from creating new buildings to rehabilitative design, from large scale urban planning to interior design. Each element must relate to an existing environment and yet be functional within itself.

The principals and staff of Schadler Selnau Associates approach these challenges with what we call architectural sensitivity, the ability to evaluate and provide the appropriate design, ranging from contemporary architecture to the preservation of tradition. Each of our projects involve detailed attention to the character of the architecture within its surroundings, functional space utilization, and cost considerations. Architectural sensitivity is in everyone’s best interest.

CLCC has been partners with Schadler Selnau since 2016.

Capitol Regional Education Council

The Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) began in 1966 as a grassroots organization of local school districts working together to solve common problems.

Today, CREC is one of six Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) established under Connecticut General Statute 10-66 a-n, which permits local boards of education to establish a RESC as a “public educational authority” for the purpose of “cooperative action to furnish programs and services.”

The CREC John J. Allison Jr. Polaris Center has been proudly serving children and adolescents with learning disabilities and emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric problems since 1976.

CLCC is a partner with the Polaris Center to provide programs for students at the CLCC Greenhouse and at Round Hill Alpacas, LLC.