Thank you to the CLCC Volunteers!

Welcome to this Creative Living Community of CT Volunteer Appreciation Gathering!  We are so pleased that you are here because we want to say thank you in a special way for helping CLCC continue to grow.

I have estimated that just since the beginning of this year, there have been approximately 1377 hours of greenhouse work that has been donated by volunteers.  On average there are 12 volunteers per week in addition to the 12 adults with developmental disabilities who find a sense of purpose and meaningful contribution on a weekly basis.  This is a great accomplishment and could not be achieved without the dedication and support of each of you present here today.  I know for our family, one of the highlights of Curt’s week is to wake up on Thursday and know that he is going to the greenhouse.  He goes to sleep on Wednesday asking about Burger King and wakes up Thursday saying “more dirt!”

Each of you represents a piece of the mosaic that CLCC continues to create.  “When thinking about a mosaic one can picture a thousand little stones.  Some are blue, some are green, some are yellow and some are gold.  When we bring our faces close to a mosaic, we can admire the beauty of each stone.  But when we step back from it, we can see that all these little stones reveal to us a beautiful picture, telling a story none of these stones can tell by itself.”

This is what our journey on this road of developing Creative Living Community is all about.  Each of us is one of the little stones in the mosaic – unique, gifted, willing and committed.  And together, we reveal our desire for community, an intentional community, yet to be achieved.  And together, we tell the story of CLCC each week, to take one step closer to making our vision a reality.

Thank you for coming this evening.  I hope you have a great time in conversation with each other and enjoy the great food and drink!    The Pond House is our newest customer!

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