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What are seeds, if not hope?

April has arrived, and with itwarmth and longer days. As we find ourselves out of our typical routines and socially distant from our friends and family, we still have the freedom of the outdoors. Freedom to go for a walk, sit outside or begin tending to our gardens.  

The greenhouse sits quietly these days, with the soft chirp of the morning birds and the low hum of the fans. As the greenhouse coordinator, I have continued to sow seeds for the coming growing season. While we may not have all the answers to when life will resume its normal ways, there is much to be grateful for. I feel grateful for seeds and their resiliency. Every time I sow a new seed I feel as though I am offering myself a sense of hope. What are seeds, if not hope? We plant them, water them, give them sunlight and trust that they will one day germinate and grow into big healthy plants. While our intentions may be good, anyone who has ever started seeds knows that it is no perfect science, there is no guarantee that every seed sown will germinate or grow into a healthy plant. But it is in the act and the intention of sowing that seed that we offer hope in the future. 

I greatly look forward to the day when the greenhouse is buzzing again, with friends and volunteers all working together towards a shared goal. At this time most of our seeds have been sown, and soon enough those small seedlings will be in the ground to be cared for by our future field hands. Many of these field hands have been volunteering with Creative Living Community for many years. It is an exciting time for all as we are able to offer paid positions to these dedicated and hardworking individuals. Many years of planning and love have been poured into the farm and it is a true honor to help bring it to fruition this spring. We look forward to the time when we can reunite and work together to feed our community and learn from each other. Wishing you all health and joy until we see you again!