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Dan's Story

"My son Dan Shluger has been working at the CLCC Greenhouse for 9 years.  It's hard to believe that it's been that long.  The years go by very quickly.  

When Dan first started at the greenhouse, he had just transitioned from the public school system.  As is the case with many individuals who are neurodiverse, it was a very difficult time for him.  He was confused and frustrated and the world was not very accepting and patient with many of his behaviors.  I first heard about CLCC through a friend who had also started a nonprofit in which my husband and I were involved.  When this organization dispersed for various reasons, we became involved with CLCC.  Remembering the first time that Dan and I visited the site, I could see that he felt welcomed and secure.  He was well schooled by wonderful, understanding individuals who taught him a variety of skills which included washing trays, weeding, and recycling the soil that had been used to grow the micro greens that were sold to many restaurants in the Hartford area.  He also met some other volunteers with similar behavioral issues whose friendships gave him a social piece that made him happy and gave all involved a sense of belonging which he and his comrades so deserved.  

Years later, Dan has grown into a polite young man that is conscientious and hardworking and therefore successful.  He has outgrown his negative behaviors and has a sense of pride and dignity thanks to this amazing and unique program.  Dan always looks forward to going to work at the CLCC greenhouse which has helped shape and define who he has become today."

Written by Nancy, Dan’s mom