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Curtis' Story

"I first met Curtis during the summer of 2008. It was my first year as a camp counselor at Camp Horizons. Curtis was one of my first campers ever and we immediately hit it off. Part of my responsibilities as a counselor was to write what was called a “laundry note” home to families at the end of each camper’s stay. These were meant to be simple little notes on the back of their packing lists. On Curt’s note, I wrote how much I enjoyed getting to know him throughout his stay at camp and that I would love to hang out with him sometime outside of camp. Cindy was touched by this and had emailed me to set something up. This was the start of one of my greatest friendships and we have been inseparable ever since. He has become the brother I never had. My (now) wife Jenn and I met at Camp Horizons and when we began dating, we were able to bond over experiences with Curtis. She began to see Curt outside of camp too. She joined CLCC’s bowling group, better known as Strike Squad, and looked forward to their outings. Curt, Jenn, and I love spending our time together. We have gotten Curt to expand his horizons in terms of restaurants (we all know how much he loves Subway and Burger King) and enjoy trying out new places to eat. We have also made a true UConn fan out of Curtis - he loves walking around UConn’s campus and attending football games with us (go Huskies!). We were honored to have Curtis as a groomsman by our side when we finally tied the knot in 2019 and he has truly become a part of our family."

Story written by Curtis' friend Justin