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Michael's Story

"A lot has happened since I came to CLCC. Before I made my way to CLCC, I was a complete nobody. After graduating High School, I was immediately put in a vocational group because of my autism. Anyway, after finally leaving that place, I stayed in my room all day every day, with barely any friends, no job, no life! I honestly thought I was going to live the rest of my life as a shut-in. And I would’ve been a shut-in had it not been for one specific person. 

This person saw the way I was living, and couldn’t accept it. She actually learned about CLCC from a friend of hers, and she decided to take me to Arts in the Afternoon. I was nervous at first, as anyone would. But as I got to meet everyone, and see how amazing everyone is, I saw that there is no need for me to be nervous. I also found a few talents I didn’t know I had, I even started to paint roses. Then Kim suggested I volunteer at the Farmstand, and I got the hang of that too, so I was offered a job there. 

Since coming here, I’ve acquired a lot of new skills. The farmstand was the first time I used a cash register. The garden was the first time I cultivated plants. And the Arts in the Afternoon helped me with my social skills. And I made a lot of friends along the way. 

Speaking of which, I would like to thank Kim and Ryan for both helping me throughout my time at the Farmstand. Seriously, you both have been amazing. I would also like to thank Lynn for helping me during my time at the garden. It’s thanks to you that I was able to acquire new skills. The last person I want to thank is the person that is the reason I even found my way to CLCC. That person is my grandmother. She saw the way I was living, and wanted to do everything she could to give me a good environment. If not for you, I would still be in my room living as a shut-in.