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About Us

Creative Living Community of Connecticut (CLCC) is a group of committed and passionate people who came together to create a farm community where experiences are meaningful. The community will include: supportive housing, productive farming and gardening, art, music, crafts, weaving, cooking and animal care.

We are a community of parents, siblings, relatives, friends, artists, advocates, teachers, students and more. CLCC is a non-profit organization and is grateful to those who support it in a variety of ways.

What Happens After Age 21?

Federal law guarantees an education for children with developmental disabilities like autism until the age of 21. But after turning 21, those young adults lose the specialized help and structure they’ve had for most of their lives. And there is no equivalent state or federal support required to take over.

Parents compare it to falling off a cliff.

That is where CLCC can help.